Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Punked by a ghost!

OK so it's like going on 2am and I was in my room watching a movie. I started to get pains so I came out to take my pain meds. I open the drawer where I keep them and was looking and huh......my oxycodone was gone!! Not shiting man, it was fucking gone. This just happened like 10 minutes ago to me. I panicked looking for it cos I needed it real bad..I was crying and then I woke up my wife, Tina and asked where she put my medicine because she gave me some last night. She said she out it in the drawer where i keep it....>.<>

NO no...Sher gets up and goes to the bathroom and I search the drawer numerous of times and still crying and panicking. I turn around and search n the table thinking it might had been put there my mistake, ya know? Search and search and nothing. I turn around and go to the drawer and look in it......My oxycodone was sitting right there!You tell me just what happened? I picked up the bottle, opened it up, looked inside and grabbed by two pills and then I help the bottle in the air saying, "What, do you wanna get high?!?! You can't, you're dead!Leave me the fuck alone!!

Right now, I am heading to my room. Goodnight.

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